Further ideas

After re-reading the brief, I have been considering doing a piece of work based on the research into “Body Schema” which is considered as the human mind’s way of adapting to use tools.

It has long been understood that when a person uses a tool, be it a toothbrush, pencil or even a piece of machinery such as a car or even a computer game controller, the mind adapts and incorporates the tool as an extension of our own body.

This is relevant to the brief as it explores how the mind is so interchangeable and can adapt to different situations. If when using a tool it becomes an extension of a persons mind and body, then it would make sense that how the person uses that tool would correspond to their personality i.e. A person’s ability to drive, their skill in drawing and crafting, their ability to play computer games etc.

This may be a good area to explore, I’m currently brainstorming ideas.

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