Manifesto review & reading and responding – Planning and Ideas

Ok, so I’ve already posted the first draft for My review of Nikola Tesla’s manifesto, but as for the Einstein one I have yet to start as this is quite an ambitious one.

I’m going to use three texts from Albert Einstein:

  1. Pre-world war 2, letters he signed to president Roosevelt, pushing for the U.S. government to begin research and development into nuclear weapons.
  2. Post- world war 2, a statement Einstein co-wrote pleading with the world to stop developing nuclear weapons.
  3. A series of letter’s Einstein wrote to a Japanese widower who’s partner was killed by an American atom bomb.

These texts are also what I’ll be using for my reading and responding brief, in which I need to visually represent a piece of text. For both that and the review I shall be writing, I will be focusing on the moral dilemma which Einstein found himself in upon discovering that Germany was developing nuclear weapons prior to world war 2, having to make the decision as to whether it would be worse for Germany, or America to have nuclear weaponry at the time.

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