I’ve been hoarding all of my drawings for over 10 years, during those ten years not only has my drawing skill developed but so has my mind and as I have developed I have used drawings in many ways.

I’m going to create a timeline of my drawings and it will show how as my drawing skill increased, so did the purpose of my drawings.

They went from playful sketches of my favourite tv, comic and games characters to development sheets of my own stories and fantasies.

I’m well aware that because of my dyslexia, I have great difficulty in communicating my thoughts and ideas verbally, due to this, I have always used drawings as a means of communicating my thoughts visually.

And so as my mind became more complex, so did my illustrations.

I have always been very analytic and extremely observational, this has made me capable of trying my hand at almost everything (jack of all trades master of none) due to this I’ve always found it very difficult to stick with a single profession, style or method of thinking. This is evident in my drawings as you’ll see that I have drawn in a myriad of techniques and styles using a variety of mediums.

And I still haven’t been able to stick with one after ten years!

But I can’t settle with one aspect because I always feel that by sticking with one method means denying yourself the experience of learning another and I’m positive that this will continue throughout the rest of my life!

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