Spending 5 minutes per side, per drawing, I have drawn 5 pictures of 5 people; one side using my left hand and one side using my right. I’m not at this time going to mention which hand I used for which side of each face as I want feedback from the group before I decide whether or not to continue exploring this.

I will say (without giving anything away) that in a couple of the drawings, I’m quite impressed with how well I managed to draw with my left hand AND on one or two of them, I consider the one drawn with my left hand to be better than the one drawn with my right (which is my usual hand).

It may be worth mentioning that the reason for the faces looking so wide is that I kept a space between the two sides with the intention of separating the two halves.

Oh, and my apologies to my family for these pictures! You’re all beautiful… Except granddad… 😉

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