Reading and Responding – Research: Craig Ward

Reading and Responding - Research: Craig Ward

Another typographer I’ve been looking at is Craig Ward and I particularly like this method of overlapping text (similar to the method used by Marian Bantjes in my previous post) because it displays two conflicting ideas (similar to the moral dilemma text which I’m considering) very effectively by using the same fonts but one with a shadowing effect which makes it look almost official, as if it’s on some kind of plaque and the over looking as if it has been typed over the original; and also two different colours, the original being the same grey tone as the background, which must mean that to conform is to blend in and the other being a bold red which must mean to be the opposite, to stand out.

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1 Response to Reading and Responding – Research: Craig Ward

  1. ashleyfoden says:

    i dont think this one is actually craig ward, i think its an attempt by someone to create the above style 🙂

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