Reading and Responding – Research: Craig Ward

Reading and Responding - Research: Craig Ward

Another Craig Ward piece, almost identical in style to the one in my previous post. This one can be a bit difficult to read:
With this method of the bold red over the subtle grey, really places the text in red at the forefront of your attention. This is powerful in that it really makes you concentrate on the statement being made.
In this, I would have to say the the main message of the two statements is that good typography is invisible, because you really have to look hard for it, because the bad typography stands out like a sore thumb and takes all of your attention away from the more subtle good typography.

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1 Response to Reading and Responding – Research: Craig Ward

  1. ashleyfoden says:

    i would also add that it inspires me when i make typography because of the amount of typography on the internet that is shocking, you really have to search for the good stuff. it always makes me think a lot more when im creating my own, is mine going to be another bad piece or is it going to be one of the rare good pieces that you have to sift through the rubbish to find.

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