Google Maps – Finished

Google Maps - Finished

Step 12-Final Piece: After adding a black background to give the impression of ‘looking in’, I had the image printed at university (I underestimated how large 100cm x 100cm was!) and using sticky pads a placed it on the wall in the studio.

Overall I’m very pleased with the piece. It sends the message that I was trying to get through (although it may be quite confusing at first). But it seemed that most people understood that it was ‘looking in’ at the image; that your attention was drawn to the centre and a critique which a peer had written mentioned that the middle section seemed to connect both the centre and outer sections.

Following the positive critique by my tutors, I consider this piece a success and well worth the £10 I paid to have it printed!

(FYI: That’s me in the photo, I’m six feet tall so yes, this is a large print!)

Had I had more time and resources, I would have backed the image on foam board and taken it to the exact location where the original photo from google maps was taken and take a photo of it; purely for curiosities sake.

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