Deconstructing the Master – Research

This is the official ACORN classification table. I came across them during research for an assignment in my advertising module when studying media.

ACORN are a specialist group who focus on geographic research on the socio-economic status of a particular area and the people who live there.

These groups play an important part of any customer based project as they help companies to identify the financial wealth of a particular area when promoting a product or service.

This is a financial hierarchy, which social hierarchies also fall into as financial wealth plays a large part in social groups.

I’ve noticed that there is a solid reflection between these two hierarchies, the Egyptian one has 6 categories, with the highest being the pharaoh (as we live a democracy, our own Monarch is only Head of State and thus has limited powers and influence in comparison to a Pharaoh)

The other five categories actually reflect one another rather well:

1: Wealthy Achievers – Viziers (second most powerful official)

2: Urban Prosperity – High Priests & Nobles

3: Comfortably Off – Officials & Scribes

4: Moderate Means – Craftsmen

5: Hard Pressed – Slaves, Laborers & Peasants

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